Copperfish Biotech is a new division of Copperfish Aquatics, an aquarium maintenance services company in Baton Rouge, La.  Copperfish started in 1991 as part time maintenance company and later expanded into full time in 2003.  

Keith Knight, B.S.

Owner, Biologist and Technician

Louisiana State University Alum, 2000

Fisheries Biology


-Staff Biologist: Aquatic Habitats, a division of Aquatic Eco-Systems.  Technical support, sales and consultant to research labs worldwide.  Zebrafish, Xenopus and Medaka, 2000-2003. 

- LSU School of Veterinary Medicine 

Aquatic Disease Diagnostics wet lab manager. Raised catfish for the study of Edwardsiella ictaluri. 1997-2000

-LSU Aquaculture Research facility, Genetics wet lab student worker. Raised catfish for genetics research.  1996-1997. 




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