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Copperfish Biotech is an Iwaki Aquatic partner for sales, consulting and services for Biomedical  laboratories in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas & Mississippi.  We offer these services for a variety of aquatic models such as Zebrafish, Xenopus, Medaka, catfish and others.  

Our offerings include system husbandry, consulting, preventative maintenance, repairs, technician assistance or training, water quality correction, disease issues, filtration, system operation and other services.  

We can coordinate with you to correct issues by phone, e-mail or can also visit your facility.  Whether you need hands on service, consulting or just need a second opinion, we are here to help!  

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Aquarium System 
Consulting and 
Maintenance Services 

Ask us about the new LAbREED product line from Iwaki Aquatic.

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